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Every breath you take…empower your breathing.

2 months ago, the word Social Distancing was not even in my vocabulary and now it rules our entire life. 

Corona19 is at its most dangerous when it escalates into a respiratory illness, when our lung is so deeply affected that we can’t breathe anymore. Our lung is the most social of all our organs, it is the one that most connects us with others. If we are in a room together, we inhale the air the other person has exhaled. It is through our breathing that we connect with each other. 

Think of all the pollution which we have been inhaling. In large cities where the air is very polluted, many more people are dying of this virus. Right now, largely through industrial and vehicular inactivity our air had a chance to recover it’s purity. How lovely to look at the horizon with the thick yellow cloud of pollution magically edited out! 

But it is not only the poisonous air that is produced elsewhere which threatens our lives. There is a danger lurking far closer to home! The many chemically scented products which we love to use. 

Last year the debate of scented candles in your home was all over the news. Some people decided to ignore this, as one woman on the radio said: this is my only pleasure when I come home after a stressful day. 

Others moved over to “Natural” Candles labelled  “with essential oil” thinking they were safe. New studies have shown that they are emitting the tiniest micro particles in such quantities as a diesel car emits when you leave it running for 40 minutes. This not only settled in our lungs but also festered in our brain. 

The truth is if you walk into your home and the scent of your favourite candle greets you like an old friend, you can be sure that the advertised essential oils have been enhanced with chemicals. True essential oils in a candle burn off very quickly, too quickly for the scented candle addicts’ taste.  So quickly that you need a fine nose to smell a whiff of that beautiful scent before it disappears into the ether. 

What is the safe answer? 

  1. Think about what you are inhaling. Burn un-scented candles with clean unpolluted wax and cotton wicks
  2. Make sure you are not in an enclosed, but well-ventilated room when your candle is burning
  3. For a beautiful scent, there are alternatives: a diffuser with a few drops of essential oils, or an oil-burner with a pure wax melt and added essential oils. In both these instances you are in charge how strong or how weak the scent you inhale will be. Pure essential oils have many benefits and some even strengthen your immune system. 

Empower your breathing! Every breath we take is precious.